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Engineering Design/Drafting Corporate Training Courses

CTC is a well-recognized Corporate Training Provider, working in close contact with the IT industry.

You, as an employer and we as a training provider share the challenge of keeping up with an ever-changing software industry and making sure that your employees/our students are able to take advantage of all the latest features to increase productivity and effectiveness.

In this program the student will be taught how to create professional mechanical drawings from scratch with today's most popular drawing softwares. Architects, engineers, drafters, and design-related professionals use those software to create, view, manage, plot, share, and reuse accurate, information-rich drawings. The course covers the newest, most powerful features of those software including enhancements, system requirements, and time saving techniques.


Course Num Length Start
Autocad 1700 4 Days sep 6, 19

Autodesk Inventor

Course Num Length Start
Autodesk Inventor 1710 4 Days sep 12, 19

Mechanical Desktop

Course Num Length Start
Mechanical Desktop 1720 4 Days sep 19, 19


Course Num Length Start
Solidworks 1704 4 Days sep 26, 19

Pro Engineer Wildfire

Course Num Length Start
Pro Engineer Wildfire 1705 4 Days sep 6, 19


Course Num Length Start
Catia 1702 4 Days sep 12, 19


Course Num Length Start
Unigraphics 1706 4 Days sep 19, 19

Solid Edge

Course Num Length Start
Solid Edge 1709 4 Days sep 26, 19


Course Num Length Start
Mastercam 1708 4 Days sep 6, 19


Course Num Length Start
COSMOSWorks 1709 4 Days sep 12, 19
Course Tuition are:
  • 1 day Session - $500.00
  • 3 days Session - $1,500.00
  • 4 days Session - $2,000.00

For more information on the packages available, please contact our Co-op Program/Corporate Training Coordinator by e-mail or by phone at (416) 663-0665

We hope that you find the above information complete and this offer as exciting as we do, and will take it into consideration. If you would like to receive detailed description of our corporate training packages, please fill out our online information request card. If you are interested in having your employees participate in any of our programs, please contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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