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Canadian Technology College is a well-recognized Corporate Training Provider, working in close contact with the IT industry.

Our corporate training focuses on providing skills, which are in demand. Whether it's programming, application development, database development, Web site creation and development, etc., we can make sure that your staff is ready to take on any IT challenges that come your way. Speaking of corporate training, CTC can provide standard or customer Software Quality Assurance Testing training for your business.

With the increased emphasis on accurate software development, it is important that software testing be made an integral part of the development process. SQA Testing training at CTC provides a comprehensive examination of all the latest automated testing tools, methodologies and techniques of software testing.

You, as an employer and we as a training provider share the challenge of keeping up with an ever-changing software industry and making sure that your employees/our students are able to take advantage of all the latest features to increase productivity and effectiveness.

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CTC offers training in a wide variety of highly demanded careers, which are essential in any business environment. Training courses at Canadian Technology College are designed to give students not only greater breadth of knowledge and depth in a particular field, but also more self-confidence through testing themselves in a variety of new areas.


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