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Engineering Certificates Programs

Engineering Certificates Programs

In this programs the student will be taught how to create professional mechanical drawings from scratch with today's most popular drawing softwares. Architects, engineers, drafters, and design-related professionals use those software to create, view, manage, plot, share, and reuse accurate, information-rich drawings. The course covers the newest, most powerful features of those software including enhancements, system requirements, and time saving techniques.


AutoCAD® —is packed with new and enhanced features that help you create design data more quickly, share design data more easily, and manage your software more efficiently.

Course Outline

- AutoCAD Basics
- AutoCAD Advanced

Autodesk Inventor

With superior productivity tools and unparalleled ease of use, Autodesk Inventor® offers the smartest choice in 3D mechanical design software for the manufacturing industry

Course Outline

- Inventor Basics
- Inventor Advanced

Mechanical Desktop

Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® is a flexible 3D solid modeling system built on the AutoCAD® foundation with advanced drafting, detailing and documentation capabilities

Course Outline

- Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® Basics
- Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® Advanced


The standard in 3D mechanical design software, SolidWorks offers unmatched 2D and 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use. 100% focused on product design, SolidWorks provides a complete selection of best-in-class software and services to help manufacturers get products to market faster

Course Outline

- Solidworks Basics
- Solidworks Advanced

Pro Engineer Wildfire

Pro Engineer software takes good to best. Boeing, Rolex, Audi,Dell, Nike, Maytag, Braun, HP and literally thousands of other trendsetters create their superb products using this software. That's because Pro Engineer gets involved with your team, all of them-the developer, the designer, the engineer,the manufacturer, the marketing group, procurement people and the management team.

Course Outline

- Pro Engineer Wildfire Basics
- Pro Engineer Wildfire Advanced


Modular in design, the CATIA product line adapts to all customer businesses including style and form design, mechanical design, systems and equipment engineering, managing digital mock-ups, numerical control, simulation and analysis, using an open and scalable V5 architecture.

Course Outline

- Catia Basics
- Catia Advanced


Unigraphics provides an integrated and comprehensive family of total product engineering solutions that enable the user to digitally create and capture 3D product definitions. Unigraphics is used by many of the world's leading manufacturers to perform conceptual,industrial and detailed mechanical design along with engineering simulation and digital manufacturing. From the initial concept, through product design, simulation, and manufacturing engineering,Unigraphics provides a comprehensive product development solution, built on advanced technologies that help you meet your business objectives.

Course Outline

- Unigraphics Basics
- Unigraphics Advanced

Solid Edge

Solid Edge from EDS is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to design with Insight and to reduce time to market, improve quality and lower cost. The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabilities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and enhancing collaboration. Insight, complemented by Solid Edge's superior core modeling and process workflows, has reduced Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) and their related rework by 50 percent or more.

Course Outline

- Solid Edge Basics
- Solid Edge Advanced


Mastercam includes advanced multi-axis machining capabilities designed to improve control and consistency and make programming easier. Among these are advanced Tool Axis Control and “Multiple Pass” 5-axis roughing and finishing. With these expanded multiaxis capabilities, shops can move into new market areas or cost-effectively bring additional work in-house.

Course Outline

- Mastercam Basics
- Mastercam Advanced


Course Outline

- COSMOSWorks Basics
- COSMOSWorks Advanced

There is an old saying, "if you want to get ahead in business, you've got to work while the other guy sleeps."

For people who share a common belief with this ancient philosophy, CTC offers evening classes for all of the courses mentioned above, which are available in the curriculum.

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