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International Students - Counseling support

International_students_toronto You can talk to our dedicated counselors about any problems you may have.

Counselors at CTC adhere to the confidentiality guidelines outlined in the BAC Code of Ethics and Practice for Counseling (Jan 1998). This means that any information discussed with your counselor is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

CTC assists its international students in many ways. We are doing our best to make the experience for our international students comfortable and rewarding.

CTC provides assistance to students in arranging visits to local attractions, such as Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Exhibition Place, Royal Ontario Museum, etc. For more information about local attractions, click



Carry a map showing directions to Canadian Technology College, as you may need to ask for help. Arrive one hour earlier than your usual schedule for your first day of study for registration and testing. Bring your study confirmation documents and proof of medical insurance. We also require 2 passport-size photos for your Student ID card (if not sent with your application).


You can contact the International Student Department of CTC by:

Phone (416) 663-0665
Fax (416) 663-9365