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IT Professional Certificates

MTA CertificatesMicrosoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Canadian Technology College is a Professional Certificates Center, provide MTA certification exams.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification—a new entry-level credential from Microsoft that validates essential technology knowledge, enabling students to explore academic and career options, and take the first step toward building a successful career in technology.

MTA makes it easier for schools to deliver technology education and validate fundamental technology knowledge through a simple, convenient, and affordable suite of entry-level certification exams. While offering students the opportunity to earn a Microsoft certification right in the classroom, MTA empowers educators with easy-to-use Internet-based testing and helps institutions stand out as innovative technology curriculum providers.

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Software Development Fundamentals - Exam 98-361
- Core Programming
- Object-oriented Programming
- General Software Development
- Web Applications
- Desktop Applications
- Databases
Windows Development Fundamentals - Exam 98-362
- Windows programming basics
- Windows Forms applications
- WPF applications
- Windows Services applications
- Accessing data in a Windows Forms application
- Deploying Windows applications
Web Development Fundamentals - Exam 98-363
- Programming web applications
- Working with data and services
- Troubleshooting and debugging web applications
- Working with client-side scripting
- Configuring and deploying web applications
.NET Fundamentals - Exam 98-349
- .NET Framework Concepts
- Namespaces and Classes in the .NET Framework
- .NET Code Compilation
- I/O Classes in the .NET Framework


Database Administration Fundamentals - Exam 98-364
- Core Database concepts
- Database Objects
- Manipulating Data
- Data Storage
- Database Administration


Networking Fundamentals - Exam 98-366
- Network Infrastructures
- Network Hardware
- Protocols and Services
Security Fundamentals - Exam 98-367
- Security Layers
- Operating System Security
- Network Security
- Security Software
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals - Exam 98-365
- Server Installation
- Server Roles
- Active Directory
- Storage
- Server Performance Management
- Server Maintenance
Windows Operating System Fundamentals - Exam 98-372
- Operating System Configurations
- Installing and Upgrading Client Systems
- Managing Applications
- Managing Files and Folders
- Managing Devices
- Understanding Operating System Maintenance