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Diploma Programs

Testing Testing & Internet Technologies (NOC:2283)
The graduate will know how to develop software testing plans. The graduate will be able to install software and hardware and configure operating system software in preparation for testing. Plus, the graduate will obtain the knowledge of executing results of software application tests, information and telecommunication systems tests. In addition, the graduate will know how to develop and implement software and information system testing policies and procedures.

This training provides a road-map for establishing software quality goals and improvement measurement. Manual testing and automated test tools are compared and explained, and "hands-on" case studies aid students in applying training into actual test deliverables.

This program will provide you with a solid understanding of the core .NET and Java concepts, base classes and object-oriented programming. Also, students are immersed into the wide spectrum of data access and manipulation with respect to the relational model as databases are exploited internally and externally.

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Course Outline:

  • Testing Methodology & Technology
    • Introduction to profession and computer basics.
    • Windows Environment and Microsoft Office
    • Operating MS DOS Systems
    • UNIX Operating System
    • Networks and Client Server Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Introduction To Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Introduction to Database Management
    • Fundamentals of software testing
    • Hands-on software quality assurance testing
    • Automated testing tools: HP UFT/QTP, ALM/QC, IBM Rational Robot, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Selenium
    • Testing of Internet Applications with HP UFT/QuickTest Professional and Oracle Application Testing Suite (OpenScript, OLT, Test Manager)

  • Advanced Testing
    • Concepts of advanced object-oriented programming
    • Advanced Test Planning and Testing
    • Advanced Test Automation with HP UFT/QTP, IBM Rational, Selenium
    • Load Testing Software Applications using HP LoadRunner and IBM Rational Performance Studio
    • Testing Web Applications
    • Testing and QA Management
    • HP ALM/Quality Center

  • Microsoft Technology
    • The C# Language
    • MS SQL Server
    • Accessing Data with ADO .NET
    • Developing Windows Applications with .NET
    • Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET
    • Unit testing in .NET

  • Java Technology
    • The Java language
    • Java object concepts
    • Java object-oriented programming model
    • Java Applets
    • Application Development with awt and swing
    • Java Database Connectivity JDBC
    • Servlets and Java Server Pages JSP
    • JSP Beans
    • JSP Custom Tags
    • Unit testing with JUnit
    • Selenium testing with Web Driver

  • Database Concepts
    • Database concepts
    • SQL
    • SQL*PLUS
    • PL/SQL
    • SQL Developer

  • Testing Project
    • Test Management Process
    • Define Test Requirements
    • Develop Test Plan
    • Develop Tests
    • Execute Tests
    • Track defects
    • Manage Test Processing with HP Quality Center
    • Generate Analysis Reports

Duration of the course is 27 weeks
Timing: Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 3p.m.

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge

Canadian Technology College issues a Diploma after completion of the course

E.I., S.A., WSIB Recipients may be qualify for government financial assistance!

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