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Certificate Programs

Testing Software Quality Assurance Tester (NOC:2171)
The graduate will know how to develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle. The graduate will know how to work with specific business processes such as telecommunication, financial, insurance software development. Plus, the graduate will know how to use automated testing tools of HP, IBM, Oracle. In addition, the graduate will know how to work with specific applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, MS Visual Studio.

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hotSoftware Quality Assurance Tester 
This course is a professional development program designed to upgrade and update professional qualifications of students and to help them to work as a Software Quality Control Specialists. The course covers various methods and strategies for revealing software defects and documenting them, the implementation of Automated Software Testing, as well as the general concepts and the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP). Today's software products are becoming increasingly complex. These products are being created in rapid development environments that drive them toward the marketplace at accelerated speed. Software testing incorporated into the rapid development cycle with extensive requirements is becoming of more important than ever.

Course Outline

Computer basics overview

- Operating Systems
- MS Office
- Databases
- Programming

Methodologies and strategies of software testing

- Quality Assurance and Quality Control
- Test types and their place in the software development process
- Software development and testing life cycle
- Equivalence classes and boundary values
- Analysis of business requirements
- Business function testing
- Test planning and testing documentation

Hands-On Software Testing

- Client-server applications, implementation of business logic
- Testing of network solutions
- Practical design and execution of test cases
- Reporting software problems

Automated Testing Tools

     - Design and development of test scripts
     - Automated parameterized testing
     - Automated data-driven testing
- Selenium IDE
- IBM Rational Team Test Studio
     - IBM Rational Robot
     - IBM Rational ClearQuest
     - SQA-Basic scripting language
     - Enhancing and customizing test scripts
- Development of a custom test management system
     - Oracle OpenScript for Web Applications
     - Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications (OLT) - Empirix's e-Load
     - Oracle Test Manager for Web Applications

Duration of the course is 5 weeks
Timing: Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Evening classes are avaliable
Timing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Selenium Testing
Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest tool in the Selenium Suite. It is a Firefox add-on that creates tests very quickly through its record-and-playback functionality. WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers.

Course Outline

- Selenium IDE
- Web Driver
- JUnit
- TestNG

Duration of the course is 2 weeks
Timing: Saturday & Sunday - 10 a.m. to 2p.m.


Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge

Canadian Technology College issues a Certificate after completion of the course

E.I., S.A., WSIB Recipients may be qualify for government financial assistance!

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