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MOS CertificatesMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Canadian Technology College is a Professional Certificates Center, provide MOS certification exams.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, recognized globally as the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the Microsoft Office systems.

In academia, MOS promotes success in the class room for students and instructors, and prepares students for an increasingly competitive workforce
For business, MOS maximizes office productivity and efficiency for the organization and increases job satisfaction and heightens career achievement among employees
In workforce development, MOS prepares and places job candidates, ensuring they possess the skills employers require

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MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Exam 77-881
- Sharing and Maintaining Documents
- Formatting Content
- Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content
- Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document
- Proofreading documents
- Applying References and Hyperlinks
- Performing Mail Merge Operations
MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert - Exam 77-887
- Sharing and Maintaining Documents
- Formatting Content
- Tracking and Referencing Documents
- Performing Mail Merge Operations
- Managing Macros and Forms
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 - Exam 77-882
- Managing the Worksheet Environment
- Creating Cell Data
- Formatting Cells and Worksheets
- Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
- Applying Formulas and Functions
- Presenting Data Visually
- Sharing worksheet data with other users
- Analyzing and Organizing Data
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert - Exam 77-888
- Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks
- Applying Formulas and Functions
- Presenting Data Visually
- Working with Macros and Forms
MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 - Exam 77-883
- Managing the PowerPoint Environment
- Creating a Slide Presentation
- Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements
- Creating Charts and Tables
- Applying Transitions and Animations
- Collaborating on Presentations
- Preparing Presentations for Delivery
- Delivering Presentations
MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 - Exam 77-884
- Managing the Outlook Environment
- Creating and Formatting Item Content
- Managing Email Messages
- Managing Contacts
- Managing Calendar Objects
- Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries
MOS: Microsoft Office Access 2010 - Exam 77-885
- Managing the Access Environment
- Building Tables
- Building Forms
- Creating and Managing Queries
- Designing Reports
MOS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Exam 77-886
- Creating and Formatting Content
- Managing SharePoint Sites
- Participating in User Communities
- Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
- Integrating SharePoint 2010 Services and Microsoft Office 2010 applications
MOS: Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 - Exam 77-853
- Managing the OneNote Environment
- Sharing and Collaborating
- Organizing and Finding Notes
- Editing and Linking Content in OneNote


MOS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker - Exam 77-600
- Protecting Your Computer
- Managing Mobile and Remote Computing
- Managing Software, Disks, and Devices
- Managing Files and Folders
- Collaborating with Other People
- Customizing Your Windows Vista Experience
- Optimizing and Troubleshooting Your Computer
MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2007 - Exam 77-601
- Creating and Customizing Documents
- Formatting Content
- Working with Visual Content
- Organizing Content
- Reviewing Documents
- Sharing and Securing Content
MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Expert - Exam 77-850
- Creating and Modifying Advanced Document Types
- Customizing Word 2007
- Managing Styles and Templates
- Managing Data Objects and Automation
- Managing Fields and References
- Managing Content
- Managing Documents
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - Exam 77-602
- Creating and Manipulating Data
- Formatting Data and Content
- Creating and Modifying Formulas
- Presenting Data Visually
- Collaborating on and Securing Data
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Expert - Exam 77-851
- Capturing Data
- Calculating Data by Using Advanced Formulas
- Managing Data Ranges
- Summarizing and Analyzing Data
- Formatting Worksheet and Chart Content
- Managing Macros and User-Defined Functions
MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 - Exam 77-603
- Creating and Formatting Presentations
- Creating and Formatting Slide Content
- Working with Visual Content
- Collaborating on and Delivering Presentations
MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Exam 77-604
- Managing Messaging
- Managing Scheduling
- Managing Tasks
- Managing Contacts and Personal Contact Information
- Organizing Information
MOS: Microsoft Office Access 2007 - Exam 77-605
- Structuring a Database
- Creating and Formatting Database Elements
- Entering and Modifying Data
- Creating and Modifying Queries
- Presenting and Sharing Data
- Managing and Maintaining Databases


MOS: Word 2003 - Word 2003
- Creating Content
- Organizing Content
- Formatting Content
- Collaborating
- Formatting and Managing Documents
MOS: Word 2003 Expert - Word 2003 Expert
- Formatting Content
- Organizing Content
- Formatting Documents
- Collaborating
- Customizing Word
MOS: Excel 2003 - Excel 2003
- Creating Data and Content
- Analyzing Data
- Formatting Data and Content
- Collaborating
- Managing Workbooks
MOS: Excel 2003 Expert - Excel 2003 Expert
- Organizing and Analyzing Data
- Formatting Data and Content
- Collaborating
- Managing Data and Workbooks
- Customizing Excel