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Business Diploma Programs

Testing Business Diploma Programs
The graduate will know how to key in, edit, proofread and finalize correspondence, reports, statements, invoices, forms, presentations and other documents, from notes or dictaphone, using computers.The graduate will be able to respond to telephone, in person or electronic enquiries or forward to appropriate person. Plus, the graduate will obtain the knowledge of providing general information to clients and the public, photocopy and collate documents for distribution, mailing and filing, maintain and prepare reports from manual or electronic files, inventories, mailing lists and databases and process incoming and outgoing mail, manually or electronically, send and receive messages and documents using fax machine or electronic mail, may perform bookkeeping tasks such as preparing invoices and bank deposits.

In addition, the graduate will know how to may sort, process and verify applications, receipts, expenditures, forms and other documents and may order office supplies, service office equipment and arrange for servicing in the case of major repairs.

Also, the student gets the opportunity of relating the theoretical aspect of accounting with the practical recording of information using a manual and a computerized accounting system.

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Business Management - Administration
This program is designed to prepare the graduate for a position as an Administrative Officer or Administrative Services Co-ordinator. It incorporates Introduction to Contemporary Business, Introduction to Business Mathematics, Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Market Management, Introduction to Presentation Software, Introduction to Spreadsheets Software, Introduction to Doc. Production Software, Financial Accounting,Introduction to Accounting Software, Introduction to Database Software, Business Communication, Fundamental of Investments, Ethical issues in the world of Business, Introduction to Human Resources. In addition, a module is included on common office procedures.

Course Outline

- Introduction to Contemporary Business
- Introduction to Business Mathematics
- Introduction to Financial Accounting
- Introduction to Market Management
- Introduction to Presentation Software
- Introduction to Spreadsheets Software
- Introduction to Doc. Production Software
- Financial Accounting I
- Financial Accounting II
- Introduction to Accounting Software
- Introduction to Database Software
- Business Communication
- Fundamental of Investments
- Ethical issues in the world of Business
- Introduction to Human Resources
Duration of the course is 2 years
Canadian Technology College issues a Diploma after completion of the course

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Office Administration & Computerized Accounting
This program is designed to prepare the graduate for a position as an Office Administrator or Assistant to a Corporate Executive and how to use accounting in businesses. It incorporates word processing (MS Word), spreadsheets (MS Excel), database (MS Access) and presentation graphics (MS PowerPoint), as well as process incoming and outgoing mail, manually or electronically, send and receive messages and documents using electronic mail. In addition, a module is included on common office procedures.The course has the objective to answer questions such as the following: How do we gather and organize business information? How do we analyze business information? How do managers use accounting information to control cash and other assets as well as liabilities? How do managers use accounting information to do profit planning? How do manager's use accounting for management planning, control and decisions?.

Course Outline

- MS Office Word
     - Word Essentials
     - Document Basics
     - Character Formatting
     - Paragraph Formatting
     - Document Formatting
     - Editing Basics
     - Creating Tables and Lists
     - Additing Pictures and Shapes to Documents
     - Creating a Table of Contents and Index
     - Performing Mail Merges

- MS Office Excel
     - Excel Essentials
     - Creating and editing a Workbook
     - Formatting Cells and Ranges
     - Worksheet Formatting
     - Managing Worksheets
     - Working with Data
     - Using Basic Formulas and Functions
     - Using More Advanced Formulas
     - Creating Charts from Your Data
     - Adding Pictures and Shapes to a Worksheet

- MS Office Access
     - Database Essentials
     - Create Database Tables
     - Work with Tables
     - Modify Tables and Fields
     - Create Forms
     - Create Reports
     - Create and Modify Queries
     - Advanced Tables
     - Advanced Queries
     - Import and Export Data

- MS Office Powerpoint
     - PowerPoint Essentials
     - Presentation Basics
     - Working with Text
     - Designing a Presentation
     - Adding Tables to Slides
     - Using Charts in a Presentation
     - Creating SmartArt Graphics
     - Adding Graphics and Media Clips to a Presentation
     - Delivering a Presentation

- MS Office Outlook
     - Getting to know Outlook
     - Email Basics
     - Advanced Email Tools
     - Managing Mail with Folders
     - Processing Massages with Rules
     - Contact Basics
     - Calendar Basics
     - Managing Meetings
     - Advanced Calendar Management
     - Managing Tasks

- Fundamental Accounting Principles & Bookkeeping
     - Accounting: The Key to Success
     - Financial Statements and Accounting Transactions
     - Analyzing and Recording Transactions
     - Adjusting Accountings for Financial statements
     - Completing the Accounting Cycle and Classifying Accounts
     - Accounting for Merchandising Activities
     - Merchandise Inventories and Cost of Sales
     - Accounting Information Systems
     - Internal Control and Cash
     - Receivables
     - Payroll Liabilities

- Quickbooks
     - Getting started QuickBooks
     - Setting up QuickBooks
     - Working with lists
     - Working with bank accounts
     - Using other accounts in QuickBooks
     - Entering sales and invoices
     - Receiving payments and making deposits
     - Entering and paying bills
     - Analyzing financial data
     - Setting up inventory
     - Tracking and paying sales tax
     - Doing payroll with QuickBooks
     - Estimating and progress invoicing
     - Tracking time
     - Customizing forms & writing QuickBooks letters

- Simply Accounting
     - Getting started Simply Accounting
          - Getting Started
          - The Goods and Services Tax
     - Applications for different companies
          - Missoni Marbleworks
          - Toss for Tots
          - Chai Tea Room
          - Air Care Services
          - Anderson Chiropractic Clinic
          - Maple Leaf Rags
          - Dorfmann Design
          - Lime Light Laundry
          - Adrienne Aesthetics
          - Truman Tires
          - Village Galleries
          - Tesses Tresses
          - Flabuless Fitness
          - Stratford Country Inn
          -Maple Leaf Rags Web Store
     - Using Simply Accounting Pro
          - Using Simply Accounting Pro
          - Flabuless Fitness - Time and Billing
          - Flabuless Fitness - Departmental Accounting

     - General Ledger
          - System Manager
          - G/L Setup
          - Chart of Accounts
          - Opening Balances
          - Budget Data
          - Daily Transactions
          - Displaying Account Information
          -Periodic Processing
     - Accounts Payable
          - Bank Services and Tax Services
          - Accounts Payable Setup
          - Vendor Maintenance
          - Opening Balances and Current Year Transactions
          - Adjustments
          - Payment Entry
          - Accounts Payable Periodic Processing
     - Accounts Receivable
          - Accounts Receivable Setup
          - Customer Maintenance
          - Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry
          - Adjustment Processing
          - Receipt Processing
          - Periodic Batch Processing
          - Periodic Processing
          - Year-End Procedures

Duration of the course is 20 weeks
Timing: Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 3p.m.

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge

Canadian Technology College issues a Diploma after completion of the course

E.I., S.A., WSIB Recipients may be qualify for government financial assistance!

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